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Moving Antique Furniture and Art Paintings

Fine Art Storage

Moving Antique Furniture and Framed Art Paintings

If a framed picture or painting is stored properly, it can last in perfect condition for hundreds of years. However, if you don’t store it right, the frames can get damaged, the glasses too and even worse: the image itself. Moving antique furniture or art is not something that only artists do because it is likely that in your life you have had many pictures, which have been renewed and stored in a continuous cycle, so you don’t get bored with the same scenery for years.


Clean thoroughly all pieces framed before fine art storage. Shake the dust of the frame, clean the glass – spraying a liquid glass cleaner onto a cloth and then carefully reviewing glass liner works. Carefully check out the details of your work to make sure everything is in order.

Wrap your framed artwork with a plastic bag or cover it well with cooking transparent wrap to seal the entire piece and keep it free of dust and pests. Put cardboard protective corners placed in each of the corners of the frame: they are helpful if you have them on hand.

Wrap your framed artwork in a clean cloth or acid-free opaque paper. You must cover the whole piece so that this material is not exposed to any light source.

Find a place with a climate controlled storage. The moisture will accumulate whenever a space is too hot or cold, therefore, seek to save your work in a room where the temperature is controlled to prevent warping frames and cover mold. Never store your pictures or paintings in a room that may have water leaks.

Place your frames vertically against a wall inside the fine art storage area. You can also save your artwork in boxes or trunks instead of just letting them against a wall. Place all your images back to back, unless they are covered by heavy-weight materials. Otherwise, metal hangers and hooks for hanging frames scratch.

Moving Antique Furniture and Art Paintings

Protective cardboard corners are often found in stores and framing shops.

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