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Are You Relocating and Searching for Movers in Aventura?

Movers in Aventura

Choose Movers in Aventura for Long Distance Moves

Are you moving out of state?  In this article, Aventura movers give you tips to get the most out of your moving date, moving rates and day of the move. If you enjoy this article or have any questions, please feel free to give us your feedback in the link below.

PREP – Where Are You Moving To or From?

Location, location, location – In many cases, where we are moving will affect the price and even availability of our movers.   Summer moves, for example are extremely common and for the most part – “the norm”.  Moving during summer means you are going to be fighting for truck space with students, graduates, and summer new hires.  In order to ensure your space on the truck you must act quickly, especially during the busiest season of the year.  Generally, due to overwhelming demand, these moving companies will be able to set their prices higher than that of the slower fall and winter months.

WHAT TO PACK – How Much Are You Shipping?

Moving companies usually base their prices on how much is being moved, in addition to when the move is scheduled and of course when you booked the truck in advance.  During the slower seasons you may be able to lock in rates that will change going into the busier seasons.   Packing many of your own items and leaving the larger furniture is a great way to save money on the moves by allowing the moving company to relocated larger items such as furniture, larger electronics, and pianos.

FINAL DESTINATION – Do you Need storage?

Finally, you may need storage for items that are either too large or not needed but available for later pickup at your own pace.  Renting storage will reduce overall clutter of your new residence and allow you the flexibility to move in at your own pace.  This method is highly recommended since only you know when and where you are going to need your belongings.

C&C Moving & Storage is premier Movers in Aventura offering safe  services for delicate valuables, personal effects, pianos and expensive furniture items. We offer transport locally, long distance moving and even overseas! See how we can personalize your next move; call CC Shipping Moving & Storage today!

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