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Hire Professional Piano Movers and Protect Your Instrument

Call Professional Piano Movers and Protect Your Instrument

Moving pianos are not like moving sofas. Some have awkward shapes, are extremely delicate and very heavy. Remember, it is better to call professional piano movers because they have the proper equipment to prevent any accidents. Regular households don’t have furniture dollies, straps, and blankets that are required to do this type of job. On the other hand, moving companies have spacious trucks to accommodate bulky items adequately to protect pianos from bumps, cracks, and scrapes.

Why Hire C&C Shipping Piano Movers

Our movers make sure that the keyboard lid is closed and secure to prevent it from opening in the middle of the move. Also, they will protect the wood, not leaving any marks on the surface with blankets and padding material. They will wrap the piano carefully in the corners, securing it with packing tape to make keep it in place.

C&C Shipping crew members are cautious by placing the moving straps under the bottom, on each end keeping them upright, so the inner mechanism doesn’t get damaged. Moreover, they do not lift them by their legs as they are extremely vulnerable.

When securing the piano in the truck, they place it at the back of the moving truck using wood planks to ensure a level flooring helping relieve the pressure on the casters and the piano legs. For additional support, the moving straps, secure the piano to the truck wall to prevent it from rolling.

Before they move the piano into your new home, make sure you know exactly where it’s going to stand. Our professional movers are experts walking through tight spaces, stairs, and accommodating the pianos in elevators. Once you find the right place, remember each time a piano is relocated; it has to be tuned. That being said, call a professional tuner to make it sound perfect again.

While pianos are heavy objects, their inner workings are sensitive to movements and bumps. That is why C&C Shipping is the company you need to call!

C & C Shipping professional piano movers is a family operated, full service moving and storage company that provides a safe, efficient, and affordable moving service to any point in the United States and to all corners of the globe. Our services include local, long distance, international and storage. Since 1986 we have been rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau one of the top Moving Companies in the South Florida area. For a FREE piano moving service.

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