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Hire C & C Piano Moving Experts To Transport Your Instrument

piano moving experts

Moving your piano can be extremely stressful for both you and the instrument. Here are the best tips that will help ensure that the process of transporting the piano is safe and stress-free with the help of piano moving experts.

Professional Movers

Using an experienced piano moving company is very important for the safety integrity of your beloved instrument. When you are transporting heavy objects, it is vital to use the services of a professional moving company, especially when dealing with something as fragile and complex as a piano.

These companies have insurance to cover any damages that might occur during transport. In contrast, if you do not have this coverage when transporting the instrument yourself, you will be liable to cover any damages that occur.

Padding and Protection

Professional movers use as much protection as possible beforehand to ensure that your piano stays in good shape after the move. It is essential to use suitable materials when padding your piano. If the piano is not padded and protected correctly before moving, there is a chance that it will sustain scratches and dents, which could cause considerable damage.

Restraint Systems

When transporting a piano, our professional movers use restraint systems. The most common restraints are chains and straps, but extra care needs to be taken when using these as they can easily get jammed under the piano and cause damage if not handled correctly. Our piano movers who will be transporting the instrument know how to use these systems effectively, so discuss this beforehand.

Pads and Shims

When moving a piano, specific steps need to be taken when placing the instrument. When we move a piano, our crew members put it on padded feet to prevent damage to its bottom and any flooring that might need to be moved over. The use of shims can easily help move the piano downstairs without getting damaged. If there are any steps in your house, the movers will use the appropriate number of shims to ensure the piano glides over these steps safely.

Call C&C Piano Moving Experts

At C&C Moving, we have taken the time to learn everything there is to know about how to transport pianos and other large instruments safely. We are capable of transporting anything from pianos to pool tables, and we can transport your valuables wherever they need to go safely. Call today for a FREE estimate at 954-965-9596

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