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Understanding Inventory Systems For Long Distance

inventory systems

Understanding Inventory Systems For Long Distance

Movers use inventory systems so that they and you can keep track of everything that’s being moved. This is mandatory on interstate moves, but a conscientious local mover will use some form of an inventory system as well.

As your boxes are being loaded on moving day, the mover will describe the condition of each item, as well as any dents, scratches, and dirt on it. Try to be with the mover as he does this to ensure that the physical description on the form is correct.

After the inventory is done, check it again to make sure it’s complete and accurate and that the description of the items is correct. Be sure to check things like pre-existing scratches on the tabletops and other furniture.

You have the right to note a disagreement and you should do so in case you’ll need accurate documentation if a dispute arise. Finally, both you and the driver should sign the inventory. You’ll need a copy, and the mover will keep one. The mover must attach the inventory to the bill of lading (the actual contract).

When the load arrives at your new place, use the inventory list to check off the items as they’re unloaded. Once again make sure that each item it’s in the condition noted on the form. You and the driver will sign each sheet as the items are moved into the house.

If you’ve packed your boxes, you can prepare your inventory sheet for boxes and their contents, particularly if you’re moving items of value. Indicate in which room the box should be placed and add a reference number so you can then cross-check it in your paper.

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