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Moving Tips For Breakables and Valuables

moving tips

Moving Tips For Breakables and Valuables

You are probably already stressed out about what is needed to relocate successfully. However, if you look at the positive sides, you will probably move to a more desirable place to live. To get ahead of the game, make sure you have enough time to prepare a checklist, an inventory, a budget plan, and a mover. 

If you want to save money in your move, one of the hardest tasks will be packing. It can be frustrating getting the right packing materials and overall techniques. After the inventory, calculate how much packing materials you need, what will be packed, and donated. Then determine how the packing and handling of fragile items would take you and how to do it. 

Fragile items take a long time to be properly packed since each item should be wrapped in bubble wrap, newspaper, or linen and placed carefully in a sturdy moving box. Starting with the kitchen, plates, china, and glassware are better in boxes that have dividers. The slitless difference in boxes makes the packing much easier. Standard moving boxes should also work, but this is how to do the packing properly.

Take a glass and wrap it with bubble wrap or plain paper. If it’s thin and fragile, wrap in two layers of it and place the cup inside the box with its bottom-up. Also, put the bigger items with enough padding on the bottom and void spaces. Arrange them in a way that nothing inside is moving while in transit. Don’t forget to label the box with “fragile” and “kitchen,” so the movers will know to be careful and where to put it at your new place.

Another moving tip after you deal with the glassware is to proceed with all the little fragile items in the kitchen and living room, such as figurines, framed photos, etc. The same rule for packing glassware applies to them.  

If such items include expensive china, heirlooms, and antiques with sentimental value, consider moving them yourself before the moving day. Be extra careful and remember that what is packed by yourself is not insurable. So if you damage something, you won’t get coverage for it.

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