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    Residential Movers Near Me

    Maybe you are about to move to another state for college, moving into your first home, or maybe you need a larger residence to fit a new family member that is on its way. Whether the situation may be, moving to a new city, or across town, need the help of a residential moving company to go smoothly as possible.

    To make a move easier or less overwhelming, C&C Shipping and Moving
    can cater to your specific needs. They provide services, including packing, crating, loading/unloading, and warehousing. Once you call our office, you will be scheduled an appointment with a moving estimator to make an inventory of the belongings you wish to move. They can also suggest what type of service fits your budget and needs. Also, you can ask them any questions about your move, including the type of insurance we offer or suggest any additional insurance to protect one of a kind objects.

    At C&C Shipping Moving, we understand that your home is your temple, and we take responsibility for relocating your belongings very seriously.
    That is why our movers are working with us for many years and highly trained to work tirelessly to make your experience as smooth as possible. Once they arrive at your home, you will see how they meticulously pack and handle your belongings, as they are highly motivated to provide you with the best move. You will agree after they finish that your experience was stress-free.

    All the belongings that need shrink wrap will be perfectly packed so everything, so it’s protected for loading, transit, and unloading to later be reassembled if needed. We provide door and door jam protectors, so your home stays free of scratches.

    If you need only packing services, relocating services, or moving supplies, we can do that as well. Call today for a FREE estimate at 800-330-8985

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