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10 Questions To Ask The Movers

10 Questions To Ask The Movers

10 Questions To Ask The Movers

If you decided to transition from one house to another, and a moving estimator is ready to do an inventory of your belongings; what questions you should ask the movers before he gives you a moving quote?

1. Is your company licensed in state and for long distance moving?
The US DOT number, as well as the state license number, could be checked with the licensing agencies. Moving companies are required to display these numbers in any advertising.

2. Do you charge extra for travel time to and from my house?
It’s not an unreasonable thing to charge for, but you do want to know about it ahead of time, and you do want to know what it costs.

3. How do I pay the movers?
A mover will require cash, cashier’s check, or money order upon delivery. More are beginning to take credit cards, but you need to ask about this ahead of time. Do not pay a deposit until you sign a contract. Beware of companies that ask you for an unusually large amount of money up front.

4. How would you pack items with special requirements, such as electronics, glass fronted furniture, antiques, and musical instruments?
Wrapping delicate furniture with pads often isn’t enough; it may require special crating. Other items may need special packing, labeling, and handling. These services are charged separately, so is a good question to ask how much.

5. Are pickup and delivery dates guaranteed?
You should specify the mover what dates you’d like to move. For long distance and longer moves, your mover may not be able to guarantee an exact day; instead you may be given a specific -and reasonable- period. (you may be able to contact for a guaranteed day, for which you may pay more.) While the FMCSA mandates that movers notify you if there’s a delay, they don’t go into detail about compensation. That’s what you need to ascertain before you sign a contract with the mover.

6. What kind of inventory system do you use?
A variety of inventory systems is used to track your household items. The mover should be able to explain its method clearly. Make sure you understand it; you’ll need to check it at the end of the move.

7. Can I pack and do myself some of the moving work?
A mover should be able to quote your prices for different levels of service, depending on how much of the packing you do.

8. If I pack myself, are these restrictions on the types of boxes or containers I can use?
Some movers want you to use only their boxes and packing material; others allow you to choose and pack your own. Ask about nonmoving-box alternatives, such as plastic storage bins.

9. What supplies do you provide? What much do I pay for?
Usually, movers sell you boxes, packing wrap, and tape, but you can often get such materials elsewhere for less. Some unscrupulous movers charge for extra tape and wrap used on the day of the move.

10. How do you handle disputes and complaints?
By law, long distance movers are required to offer neutral arbitration to resolve disputes on loss or damage. They are also required to have a complaint and inquiry procedure in place for customers, and they must give you a clear written description of this procedure. The procedure must include: a telephone number for the moving estimator; the moving company principal office; a clear statement about who must pay for complaint or inquiry in case the move

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