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Hiring The Best Art Movers

Hiring The Best Art Movers - C&C Shipping 

Today we will talk about a very important topic: hiring the best art movers should take care of these kinds of objects. There are cases when we have fine artworks in our house, office (or gallery, if own one). Whether its about a high monetary or sentimental value, the fact is that they are present in almost every household: large or small, paintings, statues, sculptures and pieces of metal of different qualities and prices.

How Fine Art Moving Companies Transport these Objects Correctly?

The first step is to inform the future art movers that will transport your artworks if your art pieces are framed, or if they are sculptures, or any 3D art that needs special handle. The packaging paper is Kraft paper because is heavier than the conventional one and will do its part to pack a frame properly. Remember that, even if it is the best fine art moving company, you must stay tuned for the transportation of the piece from your residence to the arrival and placement in the new location.

If the piece in question is a sculpture in plaster or other material, it can be packed with plastic bubble and handled with care. If the object is a decorative piece of bronze or other metal, you can also use materials made of bubble wrap, although depending on the size of the part it will take a trolley to transport hydraulic safely.

Fine Art Moving Company
Fine Art Moving Company

Fine Art Moving Company


Finally, if your work is a piece of extremely high monetary value, consider hiring an insurance or inform the fine art moving company about this piece. Remember that trying to save a few dollars here can generate a big problem. Take into account the value and history of the piece being transported.Stay tuned for more tips!

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