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Make Your Next Piano Move Successful

When relocating, transporting your piano can often be the most difficult and cumbersome part of the move. A piano is a heavy musical instrument with approximately 10,000 moving components, and moving it without proper care can cause you great financial loss.

If you’ve never done it yourself, you may want to consider hiring professional national movers to help you out. You can take some basic preparation steps before, while, and after moving your piano that will ensure its safety throughout the process.

Moving it Yourself vs. Hiring Professional Piano Movers

While you might think that moving a piano by yourself can save you unnecessary moving costs associated with hiring separate interstate movers, it can also be a risky venture that ends up causing more trouble than it’s worth.

Depending on the type and weight of the piano, you need to do thorough research to ensure that such a valuable item can be moved without any professional help. Since pianos are extremely heavy and require careful handling, hiring a local mover can be easier for you and the piano.

Finding the Ideal Storage Container

You should consider getting an additional portable container for your piano that separates it from the rest of your possessions and lessens the impact of moving on your piano. You can find many customizable portable storage containers, and specialized piano movers also have a variety of storage units that can be ideal for your piano.

Protect Your Piano’s Outer Components

When you’re moving your piano, you need to prepare it beforehand to ensure that your piano keys, pedals, and wooden exterior components don’t get scratched or damaged during the process. Keep your keyboard cover firmly secured as well.

You can find furniture blankets and straps to secure your piano and make sure it’s protected. If you’re using a moving service, they will have the necessary protective gear for your piano.

Get Your Piano Insured

Regardless of which method you’re using to move your piano to its new location, you need to get your piano insured for its safety and peace of mind. While most moving companies offer a certain level of insurance for your valuables, but it may not be enough to cover your piano’s total cost.
You can find third-party insurers that will ensure your piano’s safety throughout the whole moving process.

Need Piano Moving Assistance? Our Competent Experts Are Here to Help

When you need experts to help you move your valuable piano from one location to another, entrust your piano to our competent movers at C&C Shipping & Moving. Whether you’re planning a long-distance move or need to move within South Florida, we secure end-to-end management for your moving with the best-quality packaging materials.

Find custom packaging services for your precious piano that helps set your mind to ease when you’re undergoing a stressful move. Call at 954-965-9596 to schedule your custom moving and packing services today!

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