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Long Distance Piano Movers in South Florida

Expert Piano Moving

Long Distance Piano Movers in South Florida

Are you in need of long distance piano movers? Learn in this article how to avoid yourself headaches and injuries, or damages to your piano. Hiring the best piano movers. Among their functions, there is also the possibility for them to store the musical instrument until its final transport. This is an important consideration because even a small piano can weigh between 300 and 500 pounds, while larger pianos such as grand or upright models the weigh can rise up to 1000 pounds.

Find Professional Piano Movers

While many moving and relocation companies may claim to be “able” to move a piano, it’s not the same as knowing “how” to do it properly. Whatever money (if any) you save by hiring a generalist rather than specialists is likely to be spent on costly repairs or adjustments after delivery. Your piano doesn’t have to be moved or stored by the same people who are taking care of the rest of your household move.

Forget “Easy” – There is nothing easy about moving a piano, and anyone who claims otherwise is not part of the piano movers guild. Moving, crating, and storing a piano is a delicate process which is essential to preserving the beauty and sound quality of, and your investment in the instrument. Just one wrong move or improper placement and the tension of the piano could be impaired; even moving a piano across the room often requires adjustment, so it should come as no surprise that there’s an extensive list of considerations to keep in mind when moving or storing a piano. Ask potential movers how they deal with each of the following issues:

Tension – There are dozens of strings, each with very high tension to take into consideration; how is this balance preserved?

Moving Parts – Pianos literally have hundreds of moving parts, many of which can be very delicate; how are the moving parts managed by the long distance piano movers during the packing and moving process?

Wrapping – The delicate wood, padding, strings, and other parts of the instrument must each be allowed to breathe while eliminating the risk of moisture or temperature extremes. Additional care must be taken to reduce the risk of scratches, warping, or impact. Ask what materials are used to form a protective seal while still allowing ventilation to take place and eliminate the risk of scuffing or scratching.

Obtain an Estimate – In order to obtain an estimate, you will need to know the size, dimension, and, if available, the weight of the piano. Be prepared to provide the date(s) as well as the current location and future destination to the piano movers. Be sure to ask about insurance since there is a high likelihood your regular homeowner’s insurance will not cover the cost of an accident or injury to the piano in transit.

Set-Up – Be sure to specify where the piano will be delivered and whether or not the estimate includes set-up and removal of all crating materials. Many piano movers will also include tuning and fine adjustment in the cost of delivery, a good idea since every instrument will require minor adjustments after a major relocation.

Piano Storage – If you will require piano storage, it is essential to use a climate-controlled storage facility with a dust-free environment. Advise the crating and piano movers that the instrument will be stored so they can take appropriate steps to pack the instrument properly. Many will also provide additional discounts for storage, refurbishment, or other repairs if you contract for services all at once time.

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