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Fine Art Moving Without Damage

Fine Art Moving Without Damage

In recent years, the rise of art exhibitions has grown considerably and thanks to the advancement and specialization in the fine art moving sector and movings artist are considering fine art moving services to take care or expensive pieces of art that need special handle and care.

More and more, moving companies are specializing in fine art moving. All moving companies that offer this service are familiar with proper packaging and the treatment given to a work of art as the main factor for the artwork don't suffer any damage.

Works of art such as sculptures, paintings or pictures can be seriously damaged during the move if it is not taken appropriate security measures for an effective packaging system.

The transport artwork is a service that must be provided and performed exclusively by professionals and workers specialized in transport delicate, taking into account the characteristics of the work of art to be transported so they can not suffer irreversible damage.

Tips for Packing Boxes

When packing a box in transport artwork is important to do independently and without laying them on top of another, as this could damage both the painting and the frame. It is advisable to pack the boxes into nylon bubbles and use spacers to prevent rubbing of the frames.

Tips for packing Sculptures

When we are carrying sculpture, the most important is to keep still during the journey and remain steadfast to prevent damage.

Materials for Packaging Artwork

The materials most suitable for transport artwork are:
Plastic bubbles. It should be completely packed masterpiece with this material as it prevents the play transpire.
The pouches. Allows you to save the artwork wrapped with plastic bubbles to confer extra protection.
The wooden crates lined with foam rubber. They set the artwork and wrapped in sheets of foam to protect it from shock.
Wooden boxes. It is the most durable and widely used for resistance. Mostly it's used in the exhibitions because of easy handling.

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