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Additional Services That Add To Your Moving Cost

Moving Cost

Packing labor and packing supplies

Packing materials are part of what a full moving service entails. However, this may not be included in the estimated final moving cost of your relocation. Often, some companies don’t include packing materials, while others include them partially. Also, certain items require special packing for extra safety while in route. Unexpected moving expenses should be avoided by reading the moving estimate prior to signing. Always read the fine print to avoid misinterpretations.

Insurance Moving Cost

When you sing your Bill of Landing, you automatically get the basic coverage ranging from $0.30 to $0.60/lbs for items. However, for certain items, this evaluation is not enough. Very often, the final amount doesn’t reply to the value of your items, and additional moving insurance for full coverage should be requested. Keep in mind that adding a moving insurance adds extra money to the final quote and also depends on the declared value of your items.

Extra charges for handling bulky and heavier items

If your items appear to be oversized or heavier, you will be charged with additional fees. This type of moving cost is for items such as pianos, pool tables, wall units, playgrounds, and other hard to transport items. Also, if the item needs to be lifted by crane, it will cost you extra. The price will also depend on the access to your house or apartment complex.

Long carry fees

If the movers cannot park the truck in a certain distance to your doorsteps from the truck to your door, that adds to the moving cost. The impossibility of parking near your place leads to another moving expense. To avoid hidden moving costs, speak directly to your movers to find out their long carry fee terms when booking.

Moving cancellation fee

If your moving plans change or you have decided to go with another company, understand that every moving company has a cancellation fee policy. This is usually because holding a moving date for a client means not booking someone else and losing money. To avoid this, give them at least a week’s notice for them to book someone else and probably not charge you with a cancellation fee.

6 Travel Fee

If you are moving locally, most moving companies charge travel fees. This is the time needed to get from their office location to your address. The usual charge is one extra hour or more.

Deal only with an A+ Rated moving company with the Better Business Bureau. For over 20 years, C & C Shipping and Moving have provided moving services through a committed approach, time-honored technique, and a caring attitude. Over the years, much has changed. But what hasn’t is our reliability and dedication to providing dependable moving services to our valued customers. Contact us today for a free moving quote.

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