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Cutting Your Moving Costs

moving costs

Relocating is hard – saving money on your next move is easy

It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving into a bigger home or an apartment; relocation comes with its share of expenses. Extra costs are the last thing we need on top of the stress and anxiety caused by relocating. C&C Shipping wants to help you by offering true suggestions for minimizing moving costs while doing your part.

The truth is the more belongings you move, the more money it’ll cost you. On long-distance moves, weight and distance are the main factors, while local moves are calculated by handling time and added services. 

Cut weight and costs from your upcoming relocation

Elimination of what you no longer needed

Donate or Sell it “as is.”

Knowing how to pack, the better the move

Save on taxes

Elimination of what you no longer needed

While you’re organizing or packing for your move, have a trash bag next to you while sorting on what you really need. Also, let common sense and let go!

Consider the floor plan of your future residence. Try to fit your furniture in the paper mock-up, and if it doesn’t fit on paper, it won’t fit in your new home. 

Ignore the “I-might-need-it-someday” syndrome. Don’t move the riding mower if you are moving to a small condo. Try to sell the tools you won’t have to use in your future home. Remember, junk is junk, but if you can sell it, it might not be junk for someone else. 

Welcome to the era of digital files. Hundreds of CDs and DVDs can fill a space that could be needed for something else. Try to burn your favorite albums to your computer and also digitize anything that is on paper and save it in the cloud. Keep all the bulk out of the way, especially DVDs, CDs that are outdated storage formats.

Now’s the time to clean out the toys your kids no longer use. If the kids are old enough, sell them or donated them for a tax break. Let them stage their own garage sale and keep all the profits. Let them buy something special to remember their first garage sale transaction.

Research has shown that gym equipment is one of the items that people buy for their homes and later don’t use. If your treadmill hasn’t gone anywhere in the years that were stored in the garage, sell it! Remember, weight equals unnecessary moving costs when you move, so any hobby equipment you no longer enjoy, sell it!

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