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Are You Moving Antiques and Fine Art?


Are You Moving Antiques and Fine Art?

Moving antiques take fundamental care that we have with artwork when we are moving. That’s because when we are moving these objects can be damaged if we don’t take precautions, and these kind of damages are often irreparable.

One way to avoid this damage is to use appropriate packaging for antiquities and artwork,  packages are specifically designed for this type of furniture or objects, so that they are protected for the move.

We must consider several factors when choosing how to pack antiquities and artwork.  These are: how far we will move, what kind of transportation use, weight, quality and type of artwork? Since is different to pack a painting or a sculpture, they must have a format designed for packing, which would greatly help prevent any possible damage .

It is also very important to consider the material used for wrapping and packing antiquities and artwork, the best choice for long distances are wooden boxes, as these are more resistant. There are other types of materials like nylon also recommended, film, plastic and cardboard.

Boxes for Antiquities and Artworks

In the case of the sculptures we need to use a crate to keep them firm and away from the movements, in addition to being secured with side rails on the box, it is recommended that these have a size of about 30 % more than the part to be moved.

It is advisable that the box is lined with an insulator serving as a buffer against possible shocks. As for the marble sculptures, do not forget that it is forbidden to use material having color ink or could cause stains on the sculpture moved therefore it is not recommended newspaper to pack antiquities and artwork.

As for the metal, it is necessary to avoid packaging corrosive material, as well as to keep it protected from moisture. While ceramic objects must be fully protected by plastic bubbles.

While with regard to the pictures, a way to avoid the damage of the frames and oils, is avoiding stack, using spacers between each of them, essentially protecting the edges.

We also recommend not sending in moving your valuables such as jewelry, insurance policies, legal documents, money etc. It’s recommended that you take them yourself or send them by registered mail.

And in the case of moving antiques and artwork is good to take pictures before the move. Thus with test tell if these are damaged for submission to insurance. Do not forget that it is recommended that a professional packaging, especially in the case of antiquities and artwork make sure that the moving company is responsible for the management and security of these.

Finally, remember that the box must be securely closed with appropriate screws, avoiding the nails because in case there are setbacks they may cause bumps on objects, and you must be sealed and marked as fragile.

Companies specializing in this type of removal as C & C Shipping and Moving, take into account all the necessary care for moving antiques and artwork to be transferred without damage, but it’s still important that you control the entire process to ensure that their works are being well treated and avoid headaches.

free-moving-quoteC & C Shipping is a family operated, full service moving and storage company that provides a safe, efficient, and affordable moving service to any point in the United States and to all corners of the globe. Our services include local, long distance, international and storage. Since 1986 we have been rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau one of the top Moving Companies in the South Florida area.

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