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Protect Your Instrument With a Piano Mover

Do you need a piano mover? Well, here are a number of recommendations used by professional piano movers that will discourage you to do it on your own. Pianos are large appliances, heavy and sharp, not to mention the damage they can cause in your home or in your back it. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you always use professional piano mover, especially when there are elevators and stairs in between.

A Piano Mover is the Best Option

They are many. Remember, pianos are not only heavy, they’re awkward. Uprights carry all their weight in the top half, and their legs and feet can be fragile, so you’re going to need a few extra hands to help.

Get the right equipment. Professionals rent or purchase some heavy-duty straps that will provide a better hold on the piano itself. It is also recommended using a furniture dolly, one that can support the weight of the piano. Straps can also be used to secure the piano to the dolly. If in doubt, talk to a moving truck rental agency or professional piano mover like C&C Shipping; they’ll ask you the proper questions and make suggestions depending on the type of piano you’ll be moving. You’ll also need to rent or purchase padding or blankets to protect the piano from bumps. This will also help protect walls from cracks and scrapes.

Protect the keyboard lid. First, piano movers close and lock the keyboard lid to prevent it from opening during the move. The keys are fragile and need to be protected. If the keyboard lid does not lock, they make sure that when you wrap the piano the keyboard lid is closed. They don’t use tape to keep the lid closed as this will damage the wood surface.

Wrap the piano. With the blankets or padding, wrap the piano, in particular the corners, securing it with packing tape. Keep the tape from contact with the piano’s surface. Make sure that the blanket/padding is thick enough that it’ll keep the piano protected from any bumps.

Lifting the piano. When lifting the piano into position, whether that’s onto the furniture dolly, onto the truck or to move it to another location with the house, piano movers don't lift it by its legs. The legs are extremely vulnerable. Also, keep the piano in the upright position. Laying it on its side is not good for the inner mechanics. With two people on each end of the piano, place the moving straps under the piano’s bottom, with a strap on each end. With one person holding one end of the strap (you should now have four people helping, each supporting the four corners), lift the piano onto the furniture dolly. Piano movers secure it, ensuring that the piano legs are sitting flat on the dolly. If the piano has casters, they either lock the casters in place (if possible) or ensure that the piano is well secured.

Securing the piano in the truck. The piano should be put at the back of the moving truck, next to the back wall – the wall that separates the truck’s interior cab from the space in the back. Many piano movers suggest using wood planks to ensure a level flooring for the piano since most truck spaces are not level. This helps to relieve pressure on the casters and piano legs which will strain to stabilize during the move. When piano movers use planks, they lay them along the back wall. They lift the piano from the dolly onto the planks, then using the moving straps, secure the piano to the truck wall. They check to make sure that the piano is unable to roll around while the truck is moving.

Moving in. Before piano movers translocate the piano into your new home, the make sure you know exactly where it’s going to stand. It should be against a wall and preferably, an inside wall where it will be protected from the cold and damp. Reverse the steps outlined above.

Once the piano is in place. Each time a piano is moved, it will need to be tuned. While pianos are heavy objects and seem pretty solid, their inner workings are sensitive to movements and bumps. A professional tuner will have it sounding perfect again.

free-moving-quoteC & C Shipping is the official mover of Steinway & Son Pianos and as a family operated, full-service moving and storage company, we provide a safe, efficient, and affordable moving service to any point in the United States and to all corners of the globe. Our services include local, long distance, international and storage. Since 1986 we have been rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau one of the top Moving Companies in the South Florida area.

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