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Professional Moving and Storage Services in South Florida

moving and storage services

Professional Moving and Storage Services in South Florida

It could happen with long distance moving and with domestic moves, that your new house may not be ready when you move. For example, a closing taking a little longer or because you may not be able to arrive at your new home at the same time the movers do. In these and many other cases, your mover may temporarily store your load and you would need moving and storage services.

Questions to ask your mover

You should ask these questions to your moving estimator about the storage facility. Is it clean and well-tended? Does it look secure? Is the temperature is regulated? If a mover is going to store your belongings, it must do so in a licensed warehouse in its name. You should know where the warehouse is and play a visit if possible. For example, you can find a reputable moving company like C&C shipping that has their storage facility equipped with all those needs mentioned before.

Another good question you should ask is if whether you can gain access to the warehouse if you need to get something from your belongings. If so will be a charged for the privilege? Ask about insurance protection too.

The mover should give you the information of the storage warehouse and the receipt that includes the address where the load will be stored. Also, a detailed inventory of your belongings, the storage, and any kind of loss or damage protection information.

You’ll also need to ask what you’ll pay if you must leave the load in storage longer than you’d anticipated. Also, whether there will be additional charges to move the load again.

Do you need Moving and Storage Services?

C&C Shipping Moving and Storage is a company that offers all the services you may need such as local moving services, long distance moving, and moving company storage. We are also experts in piano moving, fine art moving and antique moving. Don’t hesitate in give us a call 800-330 8985 for a free moving estimate or fill out a contact form.

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