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Moving Company Quotes – Wheaton Van Lines

If you are planning to move locally or internationally, it is highly recommended that you know all the procedures. If you decided to move to a new place you should first get a moving quote and know what to expect from it. Getting the moving quote will enable you to get the idea of how much a moving job cost.

What a moving estimator does at your house when estimating moving company quotes.

Moving Company Quotes
Moving Company Quotes

Our moving estimator will visit the client’s house to determine the cost of the moving service. Typically, a moving estimator considers the crew size needed to move the client’s items, estimated duration of moving, weight of items to be moved and distance.

Please be guided that the heavier your items and the longer your move, the higher the moving cost will be because of those factors. Moving estimators usually use moving formulas depending on the client’s desired moving services and items to be shipped. Basically, a moving estimator will assess the distance, time needed to move all items, weight of items and other factors that will affect the cost of getting moving services. The cost of moving services may vary due to special handling such as crating artwork or antiques.

C&C Shipping and Moving

Our company is the leading moving company with 30 years of experience and expertise in the moving industry, with the most reliable local moving and long distance services in the area. Our company maintains a good reputation and excellence when it comes to giving hassle-free moving services to those for those who are planning to move even internationally. We offer other services like warehousing, moving and storage, piano moving, office moving, commercial moving service, and custom crating for antique furniture, and gallery and museum artwork. Call us today at 954-965-9596 or visit Free Move quote and we will get back to you shortly.

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