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Moving Companies Near Me C&C Shipping

Moving Companies Near Me - C&C Shipping

When moving you are truly in a state of mayhem and chaos.

The reason being is every item you own is placed inside of moving boxes and no longer resides where it used to be. Therefore, it is a common and natural feeling while planning a move, to feel as though you are totally disorganized while moving.

But the reality is….all of your belongings are just in a temporary state of transition from one home to the next, which is why moving feels like such an unorganized event.

‘By realizing this alone, you will feel better. You can stop putting pressure on yourself to be perfectly organized while moving.”

The good news are, there are some simple tips that can help take stress away and help make you feel more organized while moving.

Moving Companies Near Me
Moving Companies Near Me - Free Boxes

#1:  Buy a bunch of brand new, high quality moving boxes…for several reasons.

a) New boxes are easier to pack and seal, and they don’t smell like Bologna or some other item from the grocery store.

b) New boxes are easier to stack and they won’t topple over, which cuts down the chances of breakage and of injury.

c) New boxes can be completely sealed and labeled, and maybe when you get to the new home, they will be stored away for a long period of time. You don’t want to store clothing or books in a box that might have the lingering fragrance of soap or food smells.

d) If you hire movers, they can work faster by stacking and carrying boxes that are uniform in shape and size.

#2: Label every single box, so that when you get to the new home, you don’t have to “guess” what’s inside each one! This helps decrease the time you need to unpack your home and makes packing easier too.

#3: Seal the boxes well, with good tape to make sure that they don’t pop open in the moving truck, or worse…when someone is carrying the box. You wouldn’t want a man from the moving company to have a moving box pop open, and some of your nice clothing falls on the sidewalk.

#4: Make an inventory list of what you are moving, not just because you may need it for insurance purposes, but also because it can be a “checklist” to make sure that you leave nothing behind.

#5: Also make a “checklist” of things that need to be done, such as disconnecting phone and electric at one home, and reconnecting at the new home. Also a list of companies and people who need your new address, as well as many magazine subscriptions. By the way, the mail order catalogs that you receive always say: John Doe OR Current Resident, because they are NOT first class mail, and they do not forward automatically, so your L.L Bean and other catalogs will start going to the new occupant at your old address. When you know you will be moving, start saving those catalogs, then you can notify each company, either by mail, phone, fax, or e-mail, about your new address!

#6: Don’t get stressed, be calm, and take your time, both planning as well as packing. Try to listen to nice, uplifting, instrumental music while packing and making preparations for the move! To have the local or national news blaring on the television while you are packing can be a distraction, it is more enjoyable to listen to Mozart or even Movie Themes and Show Tunes!

So, it is completely possible to plan and carefully make a move without being stressed and disorganized. Think of it as an adventure, and don’t let anything get you upset…you are moving into a new chapter in the book of your life.

Even though it may not feel like you are not being organized while moving, you can feel better knowing that this state of flux is a natural part of moving and does not mean that you are disorganized. Relax, follow these tips, and everything will turn out great.

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