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    Help Make Your Next Move Greener

    Every Little Bit Helps – Move Greener

    Although the moving industry isn’t very green to start with, several moving companies including Aventura mover C & C Shipping and Moving, are trying to encourage a greener way of moving.

    Nowadays, everyone is trying to find ways to diminish their carbon footprint. In the moving industry, it can be especially difficult to encourage “green” moving because packing materials and fuel are a huge part of the moving process. But, if you are diligent, your next move doesn’t have to be entirely wasteful.


    Instead of throwing away old clothes and furniture, donate them to a local charity or Goodwill. Even better, having a moving sale and make some money off of your old things. In reusing your unwanted items, you are sparing them from laying waste in a dump.


    While you are purging and throwing away things you don’t need, be mindful about what items can be recycled. Shred bank statements and other sensitive documents and use the shredded paper to pack your fragile items in boxes.

    Use Items You Already Have

    Since you will be packing your blankets and towels anyway, you can use them to pack other things as well. This way, you save space and packing materials.

    Find a Moving Company That Uses Eco-Crates

    C & C Shipping and Moving, for example, can set up a unique Eco-Crate system in which they provide plastic reusable storage containers for movers in lieu of cardboard boxes. This saves the customer money as well as prevents the usage of cardboard.

    Turn in Your Cardboard Boxes

    If your local moving company doesn’t offer an Eco-Crate system, you can still do your part! After you are finished with the move, drop off your used cardboard boxes at any mailing or postal store because they will likely be able to use them once or twice over.

    Now that you have a little bit more knowledge of how to make your next move Eco-friendly, you can sleep knowing you did your part.

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